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New cuts in UK, Sweden, Finland and Norway
New songs to be cut in the next few months including a dance track in the UK, a very exciting project in Sweden which involves several tracks and a chance to visit some top international studio's, 1 album and several singles on the cards for Finnish artists and a cut by a well known Norwegian artist which will be recorded in Nashville.

Paul Oxley/Janne Hyöty song 'Birth' Featured on a No1 DVD in Japan!
The live DVD recorded by KAT-TUN has recently hit the number 1 spot.. The single previously went platinum with over 250,000 hard copy sales! Birth was the first single from the album 'Chain' which also went to No1 in it's first week of release. The song was also the title track for the bands TV series.

* New Single!
My new solo single with The Acoustic Steam Band has just been mastered and will be available at the end of May!!!

What I do:
I'm just a songwriter trying to scratch a living but if you like PR then here it is :-)

I am a multi platinum, professional songwriter with a musical career spanning 4 decades. I have had numerous number 1 hits and extensive TV, Radio, gigging and studio experience and have had the privilege of working with top producers and engineers from all over the world in amazing studio's such as Abbey Road, Sarm, Rockfield, Olympic, Townhouse, Roundhouse, Atlantis, Europa, Sandkvie, with people such as Hayden Bendall, Colin Thurston, Julian Mendelsohn, Ted Sharp, Anders Eljas, Magnus Feinnes and many more...

I now co-write with some awesome songwriters from all corners of the globe and have written for many major record companies and publishers including Sony, Universal, Bonnier, Audiofreaks and Warner. I specialise in Top Line and English lyrics but with partners experienced in all genres of music, from Hip Hop to Dance, Pop to Folk, Rock to Classical, Country to New age, I can provide master quality songs to any brief. Please see Credits page to see who I work with.

Please email me for the latest available song list or for any enquiries:

paul (at)

Paul Oxley's Unit, Living in the Western World,
30 year anniversary CD/DVD OUT NOW!

The Re-mastered version of POU's Classic, No1 Platinum album is now available, including a rockumentary style DVD containing rare concert footage of the band.

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